Homemade Play Dough Recipe!

homemade playdough picture.jpg

Here is a great homemade play dough recipe!

4 cups of flour
2 cups of salt
4 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar
4 cups of water
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
15-20 drops of food coloring*
5-10 drops of food scent*
(*Feel free to replace the food coloring and food scent with 4-5 packets of powdered Kool-Aid. It will look as fun as it smells!)

1. Add dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl
2. Stir until lumps are gone
3. Pour smooth mixture into a pan over low heat
4. Stir mixture in the pan until it clumps into a large ball
5. Remove the play dough from the pan onto cool surface
6. Knead the play dough until desired consistency
7. Store the play dough in an air tight container

Making play dough together as a family is great for getting your children to learn helpfulness, fine and gross motor skills, dramatic play, and self-regulation! Some tips and ideas on encouraging social-emotional development are listed below.

Play Dough Ideas:
– Place the play dough on place mats to give your children a space with play boundaries
– Add materials found around the house into to play dough activity (pasta, straws, forks, spoons, bowls, cups, muffin tins, dough rollers, dinosaurs, animal toys, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, buttons, rocks, etc.)

This open-ended activity will allow children to freely use their imagination!

play dough place mats.jpg

playdough bug fossil.jpg

playdough rocks.jpg


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