Hands are for Helping!

Chores to adults may seem like… well, chores!  However, chores to your preschooler can be incredibly satisfying.  Encouraging your child to perform simple jobs around the house may have many benefits parents may not even notice.

Hands are for Helping!
Simple jobs can be as easy as putting shoes and clothes away, but more complex tasks supports higher self-esteem, especially if the child is helping the functionality of the family.  Some examples of simple chores are listed below.

  • Setting the dinner tablesettingtable.jpg
  • Helping with the laundrylaundry.jpg
  • Preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinnerwashing-fruit.jpg
  • Planning a family summer car washcarwash.jpg


  • Assign simple tasks at a time with a clear expectations. For example, “Please put all the white clothes into the basket. Let me know when you’re finished!”
  • When thanking your child for completing a task, be sure to specify your comment. For example, rather than saying, “thank you,” try adding more specific comments like, “thank you for washing the fruits for me.”
  • Attach emotions to your praise! When your child completes a task, try saying, “It makes me really happy when you set the dinner table,” or, “It makes me so excited that you want to help me pack your lunch today!”

These clear verbal cues support the task at hand, but also attach emotional connection behind your verbal interactions. Hopefully with these tips and suggestions, families can have extra hands for helping!


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