Camping…at home!

Pretend play can allow children to act out roles or feelings that they may not feel comfortable expressing in normal settings. The pretend or imaginary aspect of this type of play gives them a safe outlet to explore these feelings or emotions.

Now, if you are like many parents out there, it can be hard to find time and resources to take children out camping.  Here is a great way to mimic that camping feeling indoors!

  • Pushing back sofas, tables or other furniture should leave enough room to pitch a small tent (or use sheets and blankets to build a makeshift tent).   


  • Pitching this tent will unlock your child’s imaginary play.  Your children will be able to act out any interest that may be sparked by  this type of setting.  
  • You can leave a small setup or you can add things like lanterns, flashlights, or sleeping bags.  If you really want to get creative you can design something like this:



Just remember, not only is it important to spark the child’s ideas and interests, but try to interact and build off each experience!  


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