Masking Your Emotions… Literally!

Talking about feelings and emotions may seem obscure to most adults, but talking about emotions can make all the difference with young children. Being able to name and identify a feeling or emotion can help your child express themselves in ways that are more appropriate. This simple activity allows family members and children to chat about feelings and connect it emotionally to real-life experiences.

To begin this activity, you’ll need a few materials that you probably already have laying around the house.


  • Half-cut paper plates
  • Popsicle sticks, tape, crayons, color pencils, or washable markers (any will do!)

These next few steps would be great for you and your child to work on together!


  • Tape a stick behind each plate
  • Begin drawing different mouths that show different emotions


For where we found such a wonderful idea, feel free to visit the website HERE.


  • Asking questions such as, “What makes you feel surprised?” or, “What makes you feel excited?”
  • Discuss how certain everyday events make you feel. For example, “I feel so happy when I see you every morning,” or, “Sometimes it makes me feel sad when I miss you while I’m at work.” Then bringing the conversation back with, “But I know that I’ll see you later and that makes me feel excited!”

Play with the emotions, make silly faces, and ask questions about each mask!  This is a fun activity that can bond family members and children together in the most simple way.


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